I talked to Amy Lee of Evanescence about full of life the sector’s worst fanfiction

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The singer of My Immortal (the song) has now be taught My Immortal (the fanfic)

If you point out the name “My Immortal,” it is doubtless you’ll also mean one in every of two things. The first is the 2003 hit song from rock band Evanescence. The 2nd is a Harry Potter fanfic so transcendentally, mysteriously corrupt that it’s transfixed the records superhighway for years.

The fanfic My Immortal is set a time-traveling mall-goth teenage vampire wizard (named “Ebony Darkish’ness Dementia Raven Manner”) who’s eager about Evanescence and a vary of goth-inflected rock bands. She’s purported to see fancy Amy Lee, Evanescence’s lead vocalist, pianist, and songwriter. And to on this prick-off date, no one is plug who wrote the story or whether or not they had been important.

Relieve in the actual world, Lee and the rest of Evanescence accept as true with spent months underneath preserve-at-dwelling orders throughout the coronavirus pandemic. They’ve ragged that time to movie two song videos in collaboration with director P.R. Brown, every shot by band contributors and their families. The most up-to-date is a surreal video for “The Recreation Is Over,” a song from their upcoming album The Bitter Truth. In Lee’s words, it’s shot as a “psychological thriller,” beefy of pictures basically based on a explicit danger or interior demon from every member.

These videos — filmed in residing rooms, autos, and other non-public spaces — give followers a sleek form of see into the band contributors’ lives. But I become bizarre a couple of certain form of fan relationship: did the creators of “My Immortal” discover out about My Immortal? I spoke to Lee, and the answer is yes; in truth, it’s section of a long-working household shaggy dog story. She’d by no contrivance in truth be taught it, on the opposite hand, except final week.

The next interview has been condensed and lightly edited for readability.

You’ve made two videos underneath quarantine, and so that they’ve taken very a kind of approaches. What become the technique in the again of every of them?

We in truth had to correct deem form of immediate. We had been working on one other video remedy that would were beefy-manufacturing, this total take care of a astronomical crew and things we are in a position to also now not accept as true with thanks to the pandemic — at the side of the indisputable reality that we couldn’t even physically celebration because of the we live in every single place the sector.

We known that “Wasted on You” had a bunch of lyrical insist material that felt fancy any of a surprising where we had been. So we went for that. I in truth important it to be exact on a stage fancy people hadn’t considered us before: in our own properties, in our exact lives, now not dressed up, now not in makeup, correct the actual, raw us.

For the 2nd one, it’s fancy “K, how will we utilize what we’ve realized and amp it up considerable extra to make it see fancy a exact video extra than correct us being ourselves?” We accept as true with now all been very wrathful referring to the lockdown, so we accept as true with got been entirely alone for presumably the most section throughout this time — and that’s chilly in some programs as a creator. But you in truth have to live with yourself the total time.

A few of us accept as true with long previous through some sophisticated things in the previous few years. [Bassist Tim McCord] and I both skilled losses in our instantaneous household. There’s correct been plenty of now not easy. So you realize when you’re lastly compelled to discontinue being distracted by the total things that support us satisfied, there’s silence — and that stuff comes out. So every of us had a non-public form of gut-spilling confession with [P.R. Brown] about what we’re battling.

We had been correct sharing deeply in a technique that we don’t in general plod the total manner with by manner of no much less than our visuals. When I pour my lyrics into my song, it’s constantly in truth raw. But on this, it’s fancy, we’re now not going to support again on the video aspect and proper make it wonderful — we’re going to plod for it and let it be gruesome and fragment the darkish ingredients of ourselves.

I deem of plenty of your song as being originate and vulnerable, and you’ve got interplay with followers online. What does filming a video at dwelling fancy this discuss that your fashioned social media presence and song don’t?

I’m hoping it correct reveals an increasing number of of that willingness to be vulnerable because of the as now not easy because it is miles, it constantly leaves me feeling extra pleased than correct putting on a ultimate face.

Social media’s this form of bizarre world for me. I fancy it — I’m grateful for the belief we are in a position to accept as true with a exact away relationship with our followers. But it surely’s form of a double-edged sword. It’s such an originate platform for all and sundry to criticize the entire lot about you. And when you plod there, you’re going to see that. I deem that’s correct for all and sundry. It doesn’t topic when you happen to’re a considerable person or now not. It’s correct a space where people don’t have to hide their face to inform things, and there’s plenty of gruesome available.

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What’s your relationship specifically with fanworks? Attain people ship you things that had been inspired by you?

Oh my god, it’s so incredible. We’ve got so considerable art. I’ve got this astronomical assortment of stuff that I’ve been striking on to correct from the origin. There are so considerable of proficient people available that pour their efforts into making part of visible art that is both of something in the Evanescence world or correct something else that came out of them whereas they had been listening to our song.

Then there are other things that you simply wish to support because of the they’re so hilariously silly. Of us will make a crazy poem that makes entirely no sense but I’m a persona within it, which is qualified. It’s fancy, I do know this person’s fancy 12 years gentle and entirely genuine, but that is so silly. I accept as true with a tiny little bit of studio, and I devoted a tiny little bit of little bit of time throughout our surprising free time to duvet it wall-to-wall in the bathroom with the total fan stuff.

Which brings me to my next quiz: had you ever heard of My Immortal?

I deem for rather a whereas I become correct ignorant of it. And then my cynical, Reddit-loving younger sister who’s furthermore an English teacher, somewhere throughout the commute every 300 and sixty five days when the household’s all together, it’ll come up for some reason. And she or he’s fancy, “Wait — you peaceable haven’t be taught My Immortal?” And I’m fancy, “No, what create you mean?” She’s fancy, “You furthermore could can have to. K, support on. Let me be taught you an excerpt.” And then she’ll pull up her phone and be taught some qualified paragraph from the craziest, funniest component ever that is now not practical.

It’s one in every of her favourite things that she thinks is maybe the most hilarious component on the earth, and I peaceable correct saved now not reading it. It’s been form of this ongoing shaggy dog story with us. And then I got a name a couple of days up to now that you simply important to discuss it, so I become fancy, “Oh, crap. I have to be taught a tiny little bit of little bit of it.”

I be taught I deem now not rather half of it, but it did accept as true with me in tears. I become laughing in truth, in truth now not easy at one point, correct thanks to the nonsense. And then I started asking myself, is that this exact? I will’t rather screech. I’m entirely undecided. Is it genuine? I in truth feel fancy it started maybe as genuine, but they got in on it and started playing it up for the haters. I will’t screech! What create you watched?

It would desire to be so define, but there are a bunch of cases that in truth make it seem fancy this person is aware of considerable, considerable extra than the persona they’re putting on.

I spotted a misspelling that become fancy, as a substitute of triumphantly, it become “triumelephantly.” And I become fancy, come on, you don’t deem “elephant” is interior “triumphant.” There’s no manner.

At one point, the predominant persona’s name is spelled two a kind of programs within three words of every other.

I entirely saw that, too! I’m torn because of the I desire it to be genuine, form of… but I don’t know.

There are things about it that aren’t chilly to discuss. Uncover it irresistible’s now not silly to discuss slitting your wrists. So it takes me a 2nd to earn previous that shaggy dog story, which is so habitual.

Yeah, when you happen to plod again to gentle data superhighway custom, plenty of it is miles de facto gruesome. And it’s bizarre making an strive to separate that stuff out.

Is it greater now?

I don’t know because of the now I’m too gentle to know what’s occurring. But children create seem nicer. They on occasion seem nicer.

I’d ranking to judge we’ve grown up a tiny little bit of bit as a society from that. Presumably all people having a tiny little bit of bit extra of a microphone has taught us some things that we desire to be responsive to which would perhaps maybe maybe maybe be originate air of our belief and our non-public experiences. There are other those which would perhaps maybe maybe maybe be seeing that in a certain manner. I deem it’d be chilly if that’s correct.

I become a teenager round when My Immortal came out, and it feels fancy it describes an extraordinarily recognizable “goths versus preps” rivalry. Did you’re feeling that?

I deem this component is poking fun at that world — I mean it could perhaps maybe maybe desire to be, come on — and that section of it in truth resonates with me in a exact manner. But I didn’t accept as true with in solutions myself goth! Segment of what’s bizarre and silly is fancy good adequate, that is describing hating the preps, and you’re the chilly one, you’re the underground, you realize exact life and the gravity of death, and I earn it. But when you happen to’re so sorrowful and the entire lot’s so now not easy and you’re so exact and so that they’re so flawed, why create you build so considerable effort into your see?

That become what constantly grew to alter into me off referring to the note “goth” when that started being assigned to me in our early days. If I become 15 years gentle and you’d asked me what I become, I’m grunge. I resolve all my dresses at storage gross sales, I don’t create crap to my see, I put together two seconds before college, and the total preps are those that set up all their focal point on their appears to be like to be and what celebration they’re going to plod to.

But yeah, that section become silly to me. That section existed.

I fancy the conception of you gleaming about this component for years with out having be taught it.

I form of desire to thanks because of the I did earn a terribly correct chortle out of it final night. It’s now not fancy, after I accept as true with free time, I’m motivated to plod be taught some horribly corrupt component. But it surely’s in truth ultimate gripping.

And likewise you’ve gotta esteem the total characters breaking into song to remark My Chemical Romance songs. It’s ultimate astronomical.